Provincial Blood Voluntary and Services Program of Provincial Health Office Received Awards

Lives are saved by safe blood. Women who experience issues during pregnancy or childbirth, kids with severe anemia, frequently brought on by malaria or malnutrition, accident victims, people undergoing surgery, and people with cancer all require blood.

Because blood may only be stored for a brief time before use, there is a persistent need for a steady supply. To guarantee that blood will always be accessible whenever and wherever it is required, a sufficient number of healthy individuals must donate blood on a regular basis.

The gift of life—blood—is the most priceless gift someone can give to another. Donating blood can save a life, or perhaps multiple lives if the blood's components, red blood cells, platelets, and plasma, can be used separately to treat patients with different illnesses.

Accordingly, the Honorable Alexander Ty Pimentel-led Province of Surigao Del Sur continuously conducted voluntary blood donation in all of its municipalities and cities through the Provincial Blood Voluntary and Services Program of the Provincial Health Office.

With its active program implementation, the province received three (3) prestigious recognition from various organizations/agencies. First, as the Most Outstanding 143 Blood Recruiter of 2022 which was given by Philippine Red Cross-Surigao Del Sur Chapter last January 9, 2022 at Gold Bar Hotel and Restaurant, Tandag City. The second one was the Award of Recognition for Unwavering Support on RA 7719 given by Adela Serra ty Memorial Medical Center last December 2022. Lastly, granted by DOH Caraga was a Regional Award based on 2021 Achievement. 

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