The Freshwater Site Validation

The Provincial Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Office - Extension Services Division conducted a validation of three (3) possible sites for freshwater culture last October 19-21 and 25, 2022. The first site is located in Barangay Carromata, San Miguel, Surigao del Sur. The area, which is an IP Community Freshwater Pond, is owned by Datu Cyrus Bat-ao. The second site for validation as a Techno-Demo Catfish Culture Pond is located in Barangay La Paz, Bayabas, Surigao del Sur. The last location is in Camagoog, Tago, Surigao del Sur which is also for a freshwater pond. Owners of those sites requested such validation so that they could gain more info and knowledge as to how their areas be more suitable for freshwater culture.

This is to promote the Aquaculture and ease the pressure of the marine water, since Surigao del Sur is a promising place for the freshwater cultivation of a number of aquatic life forms.