Province of Surigao Del Sur Joins the 2023 Goiter Awareness Week Celebration

The Provicial of Surigao Del Sur headed by Honorable Governor Alexander Ty Pimentel through the Provincial Health Office joins the nation in the celebration of the 2023 Goiter Awareness Week (GAW).

The Goiter Awareness Week is observed every fourth week of January by the virtue of the Presidential Proclamation No. 1188, signed on December 11, 2006, to boost public awareness on the prevention of Goiter and other Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDD).

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of Region I also scaled-up its effort in reaching the producers and manufacturers to comply with the regulatory requirements and ensure standardized procedures for salt iodization.

Iodine Deficiency is still a problem in the country especially in the elderly, lactating women, and pregnant women based on the result of the 2019 Expanded National Nutrition Survey done by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute of DOST. Lack of iodine may cause goiter, neurodevelopmental deficits and growth retardation in fetus, miscarriage and stillbirth, mental retardation, and cretinism.

While the data is concerning, we still have ways on combating the said deficiency by:

  1. consuming iodine-rich foods like tuna, shrimps, seaweeds, and other seafood;
  2. purchasing of iodized salt with the Sangkap Pinoy Seal;
  3. proper usage of iodized salt in cooking like adding the salt in the last part of cooking and storage of salt in a dark container and away from sunlight to prevent the evaporation of the iodine content;
  4. lessening the intake of foods that cause low absorption of iodine by the thyroid;
  5. being smart in choosing food. Using iodized salt is a practical way of preventing goiter and IDD. Kumainment No. 7: Gumamit ng Iodized Salt aims for a massive campaign for the utilization of iodized salt in every household.