The Provincial Economic Development and Investment Promotions Unit (PEDIPU) and Surigao del Sur Local Economic Development and Investment Promotions Officers (SSLEDPO) participated the 25th Caraga Business Conference held at covered court, Gov. D.O Plaza Sports Complex, Prosperidad Agusan del Sur last August 10-11,2023.

The 25th Caraga Business Conference, held under the theme "Caraga: Merging Opportunities, Harmonizing Capacities," was a remarkable event that brought together business leaders, government officials, entrepreneurs, and stakeholders from various sectors. The conference aimed to highlight the potential for growth and collaboration within the Caraga region, focusing on the idea of merging opportunities and harmonizing capacities. The theme emphasized the importance of unity and collaboration among different stakeholders to unlock the full potential of Caraga's economy. Speakers and panelists shared their expertise on topics such as sustainable development, innovation, entrepreneurship, and investment opportunities. They discussed strategies to merge traditional industries with emerging sectors, creating a harmonious balance that promotes economic growth while preserving the region's natural and cultural heritage. One of the conference's highlights was the showcase of successful business stories from within Caraga and beyond. These success stories inspired attendees to pursue innovative ventures and partnerships, igniting a sense of optimism and determination to contribute to the region's progress. Networking sessions provided ample opportunities for participants to connect, exchange ideas, and establish potential collaborations. Government agencies also presented initiatives aimed at supporting local businesses and fostering an environment conducive to growth. The 25th Caraga Business Conference was not only a platform for knowledge-sharing but also a catalyst for the region's economic transformation. The event left a lasting impact on the trajectory of Caraga's business landscape, reinforcing the belief that by merging opportunities and harmonizing capacities, the region can achieve sustainable development and prosperity.